FRG Family


My family and I have had a passion for the outdoors for as long as I can remember. Here at Front Range Gear we have partnered with individuals who use their equipment, has proven its quality, strength and durability. We believe in partnering with customers who share the same passion as we do and who is seeking their next adventure. Weather its on the trails, off-road, or visiting the local campground, we  want you to have the right gear for the adventure you set out to explore.   

     Front Range Gear has kayaks, food storage, roof top tents, off road vehicle accessories, camping and hiking supplies. Most recently, Front Range Gear  offers a sweet little tear drop camper by Little Guy – we are excited to be on board with them with various models to choose from, its a great compliment to our business.
We have a nice little showroom for our teardrops  and on the walls are kayaks and the other products that we will be offering. My family and I are truly excited to be able to offer these services and products so if you're ever in the area of Monticello Iowa, stop in. Cheers...... Trevor, Emily, Ethan and Evan. Here's our motto - Take the Trip!!!!

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