Alu-cab Shadow Awning


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Like all Alu-Cab products, our 270° Shadow Awning, is built tough! Built in the stormy Cape, this awning is designed to stand up to strong winds and inclement weather. And with its aluminium-coated canvas it’s equally good at providing the coolest shade in desert climes.

But one of the most popular features of the awning is the ease with which it’s opened and closed, which is easily a one person operation. The unit has four arms, each containing a tie-down strap for really serious weather (a peg bag & pegs are also supplied); one leg has a drop down pole for breezy conditions but in fine weather you can get by without deploying it.

So while our Shadow Awning is built tough, it’s also built easy, designed to make your camping experience as comfortable and as effortless as possible.


Length:  2.6m (when closed)
Weight:  24kg
Shade area:  10m2
Construction:  Aluminium
Fabric:  Imported reflective material
Fitment Brackets:  Various options available, attach to strong roof rack or load bars
Orientation:  LHS is standard, RHS available on request

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