EasyPrep Beverage Buffet-1 month drink supply

Easy Prep

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Instant Drinks(6 Pouches | 160 Servings):
2 - Twenty Five Serving Pouches - Fortified Instant Milk
1 - Twenty Serving Pouch - Chocolate Milk
2 - Thirty Serving Pouches - Fruit Punch Sports Drink
1 - Thirty Serving Pouch - Fortified Orange Drink

All Features & Specs
Supply: 1 Month
Prep Time: 1 Minute
Shelf Life: 25 Years
Total Servings: 160
Stack-able Bucket: Yes
Added Bonus: FREE Blender Bottle

Food storage made simple
EasyPrep food storage is simple: 1 person + 1 bucket = 1 month
Increase calories & nutrition
Adding drink mixes to your food storage is a cost effective and tasty way to increase daily caloric and nutrition intake.
Easy to prepare
Add desired amount of cold water, stir in powder, and your mix will be ready to drink.
Storage friendly
With a shelf life of up to 25 years and packaged in a stack-able bucket, the EasyPrep Beverage Buffet bucket will fit within your preparation boundaries.
Whether you are experiencing an emergency or not, having a supply of milk on hand comes in handy. Simply add the fortified milk powder to water, stir, and you will have delicious, quality milk ready to use in any of your recipes or just for dipping cookies into. Having fortified milk as a part of your food storage is also a great way to boost daily calories and nutrition while adding great taste, refreshing variety to your storage plans.

Preservation Method: Freeze-Dried and Dehydrated
Net Weight of Contents: 6lb 14oz (3,110g)
Brand: EasyPrep
Packaging: Pouches in Bucket
Total Servings: 160
Total Calories: 13,020
Estimated Shelf Life: Up to 25 Years
Dimensions (LxWxH): 9.75" x 12" x 14.75"
Food Type: Drink Mixes
Storage Requirements: Click to Read Storage Requirements
Calories/Day: 434
Supply Duration: 1-Month



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