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Little Guy trailers are known for their uncomplicated, simple designs perfect for the solo adventurer. They’re lightweight and easily managed during set up, on the road, and throughout your journey.

So kick off a weekend alone with your trailer, grab some coffee and a great book.

Little Guy trailers are hand built solid and made simply. Their light weight means you can keep your car and tow them anywhere you want. And they are mechanically easy so you spend no time setting up and getting out.

So pack the tent away. Pack to get out quickly. But whatever you do, go where you want.

Little Guy trailers are a statement of who you are. You're not a lemming. You're certainly not a pull-out 5th wheel. You are unique, and so are the reasons for your adventure. Now you have a community of fellow owners and a listening company that is traveling with you.

Hit the road less traveled, do it in style and make a statement.

Little Guy trailers are now manufactured by Liberty Outdoors.

Visit to view the manufacturer's website.