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Khaya Camper fully loaded 2 person/4 person $32,775.00

 Installation at FRG   $985.00

In the 15 years of building and developing off-road equipment, we have been evolving our builds to finding the perfect solution for the serious over-lander. It is almost impossible to cover every explorers needs when it comes to over-landing. However, in our quest to build a camper that finds the perfect solution. We have tried to consider a large majority of adventurers needs. While working around a variety of different climates and off-road conditions. We therefore needed to consider a number of key factors. Before we even began to consider others needs we had to stick to our game plan and that is "built Tough" for us the only way we have found this to be really successful is to create an extruded aluminium skeletal frame, before going any further with the design. This has always given us the ideal base to build it strong but still keep the weight as light as possible. We then followed a number of key points.

1. First and foremost on our specification list. We needed to make this camper drive off. Why would we would we want to do this? Well there are some obvious reasons.  The cost of our pickups (trucks) these days one does not want to invest all this money in a vehicle and be restricted to its use. By being able to leave your camper at home when not in use is the perfect solution. What makes it even better is the ability to interchange the Khaya between vehicles. This way it can be carried over to a selection of vehicles changes by just switching your fitment kit. This then also vastly increases the value of the camper for resale purposes. 

2. The camper needed to offer internal and external living for two people. Although the internal living as you would expect is somewhat limited considering the space restraints, it still offers the ability to climb from your bed into your living space without the need to climb outside first. 

This means that in adverse climate conditions you are not having to clamber through rain or snow or flash your birthday suite to fellow campers when getting out of bed. 

3. The next important consideration was to be able to get that coffee pot on the boil while still lounging around in bed. This we resolved by fitting a glass top Domestic double gas burner and combine sink unit linked to our 80-liter water tank giving you water on tap and the double plate burner for heating water and cooking at any given time.

4. Provisions have been made for hot water, and depending on your local by-laws they influence the specific unit you are able to request and or install. 

5. Electrical options. We can supply fully wired. Using a simple but hugely reliable National Luna solenoid system that would link to the power coming from the alternator of your vehicle via a 50-amp Brad Harrison (Anderson for some) with the option of a 105-amp hour battery stored in the camper itself this works really well. One can then add to this solar power, 230-volt shore power these all being optional extra's. There is a large amount of lighting around the camper with Led lights on swivels to allow you to angle some of the lighting to maximize the light while preventing it from blinding one. 

6. Fridge position is located in the camper alongside the sink area. It is designed to take a fridge up to the size of around 60 liters in size. Depending on the make of the fridge as they may vary in size. 

7. Storage in the Khaya is in the form of various options. 

A.  Firstly, your bedding can remain in the bed. Folding up with the bed when you are in the camper. This gives you extra internal space while taking care of the bedding. 

B. There are loads of little secrete hiding places that we retained in order to allow for extra valuables to be stashed away out of sight. Important in some parts of Africa. 

C. The storage cupboards internally offer plenty storage for your travel gear.

D. There is space for storing up to 4 Frontrunner fold away chairs.

E. Storage space inside the cabin for a Portapotie. This can be very useful when nature calls in the middle of the night and there is Hyena in the camp. 

F. Then there are our new flared side cupboards. The beauty about the flared cupboard is that they offer extra storage from the plain flat cupboard while also leaving you with extra space in the rear cabin. What is great about these side cupboards is the fact that we have designed them to have access from the outside giving you that outdoor living that we are so accustomed to in the hot climates while still giving you some limited access from inside. So, you can access things like kettles mugs, and coffee from inside or outside the camper. We would normally equip the kitchen cupboards to cater for 4 people as you never know when there is a surprise guest in camp or you have a few extra passengers. 

G. There is a bench seat inside the Khaya with some storage below which give you some internal seating along the left side when sheltering from the storm and need to hide out inside the camper. 

8. The right-side cupboard can be equipped with recovery equipment and would also offer extra space for the storage of tools and extra emergency gear.

9. Forward of the recovery cupboard is another cupboard where a gas bottle can be mounted for the stove and or heating in the camper. There is added space around this for added gear. This is mirrored on the other side of the camper and is partly utilized for electrics but also offers extra storage.    

8. On the front side of the camper there is a pull-out shower rail that connects to the shower tray from off the rear door. This offers the perfect shower cubicle linked to a shower mixer. 

9. Another added feature on the camper is the shadow awning. Our shadow awning fits perfectly around the camper. Adding the sidewall kit then adds a full room around the camper therefor doubling up as an extra room. perfect If you need to add passengers to the journey.  Or if you are wanting to spend some extra time in one place and require extra shelter from bad weather or just some added privacy. 

10. Then there are lots of added little features that just give you some great added options for extra comfort when out in the bush. Things like table under roof overhang, side slide table for alongside the kitchen, wood or rubbish box to mount to the roof in front of the Khaya camper. Spare wheel carrier to fit a second spare wheel to the rear of the camper. Load bars on the roof of the camper to carry bike racks or a small boat. Rack tray for the option to mount some added extra gear onto the roof. Things like ammo boxes, or wood for inside the parks. 

As you can see from the descriptions given here on the Khaya the full package makes up a rather extensive rig that allows one to head off into the great unknown with just about every essential piece of equipment one needs to make exploring the bush the ultimate experience. 

Features & Dimensions

Length (Overall): 2 800 mm

Height (Overall roof closed: 1 450 mm

Width (Overall): 1 850 mm

Height (Overall, roof opened): 3 100 mm

Dry Weight / Fully Kitted Weight (excl. fridge & battery): 340 kg / 490kg

Colors available:  Silver or Black





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