EasyPrep Instant Favorites - 1 Month food supply

Easy Prep

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Entrees (236 Servings - 24 Pouches):
Instant Oatmeal (25 Servings)
Apple Cinnamon Granola (32 Servings)
Granola with Milk and Blueberries (16 Servings)
Sweet & Sour Stir Fry (27 Servings)
Lasagna (27 Servings)
Chicken Flavored Rice (40 Servings)
Bacon Flavored Potato Chowder (36 Servings)
Instant Mashed Potatoes (24 Servings)
Macaroni & Cheese (9 Servings)


All Features & Specs Supply:

1 Month
Preparation: Just Add Water
Reconstitution Time: 5-12 min.
Shelf Life: 25 Years
Total Servings: 236
Foods: Entrees & Sides

Preservation Method: Freeze-Dried and Dehydrated
Net Weight of Contents: 17lb 11oz (8,011g)
Brand: EasyPrep
Packaging: Pouches in Bucket
Total Servings: 236
Total Calories: 31,070
Estimated Shelf Life: Up to 25 Years
Dimensions (LxWxH): 15" x 12" x 9"
Food Type: Long-Term Supply Kits 
Calories/Day: 1,035
Supply Duration: 1-Month

Food storage made easy

Easy Prep food storage is simple: 1 person + 1 bucket = 1 month of food.
Storage friendly
With a shelf life of 25 years and packaged in a stack-able bucket, the EasyPrep line will store efficiently.
Convenience in an emergency
Each entree is packaged into a zip-lock mylar pouch that can be directly cooked in. Just add water, seal for 10 minutes and you will have a delicious meal ready to eat.
Always be ready
Whether you shelter in place or need to be on the go these buckets are convenient for each situation. Something you couldn't always say with traditional food storage.
EasyPrep makes food storage simple. You don’t need a calculator or complicated equations to figure out how much you need. EasyPrep food storage is designed to be a self-containing supply of food that will supply you enough food in an emergency. All the meals are prepared by just adding water, stir and let the food sit. Within minutes you’ll have a warm, hearty meal! The Instant Favorites bucket contains eight different meals that have a shelf life of 25 years! With a great shelf-life and tasty meal that are ready within seconds, why not choose EasyPrep today?

Shelf Life Statement
To achieve maximum shelf life, store in an environment with a temperature of 60F or lower and humidity of 10 percent or less. Shelf life statements are based on manufacturer claims, industry standards and relevant studies from reliable sources. Front Range Gear disclaims any liability or warranty as actual shelf life results may vary depending on individual storage conditions.

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